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Classes We Offer

Ballet | Pointe



Hip Hop

Contemporary | Lyrical 


Dance Team technique

Jumps | Leaps | Turns


Stretch | Strength | Flexibility

Musical Theater


Family & Me

ballet and basic movement

class for 12-24-month-olds with a parent.



ballet and basic movement class

for 2-year-olds.



ballet and basic movement

class for 3-year-olds.



ballet and tap class for 4-year-olds.



ballet and tap class for 5-year-olds.



jazz and hip hop class for 5-year-olds.


Combo 6-7

ballet, jazz and tap class for 6 & 7-year-olds.


Hip Hop 6-7

hip hop class for 6 & 7 year olds.

3rd - 4th Hip Hop

Beginning-intermediate Hip Hop class for 3rd-4th graders 

3rd - 4th Jazz/Lyrical

Beginning-intermediate Jazz & Lyrical class for 3-4th graders

3rd - 6th Ballett

Beginning-intermediate Ballet class for 3rd-6th graders

3rd - 6th Tap

Beginning-intermediate Tap class for 3rd-6th graders

3rd - 6th Musical Theater

Beginning-intermediate Musical Theater class for 3rd-6th graders

5th - 7th Hip Hop

Intermediate Hip Hop class for 5th-7th graders

5th - 7th Jazz/Lyrical

Intermediate-advanced Jazz & Lyrical class for 5th-7th graders

7th - 12th Musical Theater

Intermediate-advanced Musical Theater class that focuses on stage performance & musicality for 7th-12th graders

7th - 12th Tap

Intermediate-advanced Tap class for 7th-12th graders

8th - 12th Hip Hop

Intermediate-advanced Hip Hop class for 8th-12th graders

6th-12th Showchoir

Beginning-advanced Showchoir class for 6th-12th graders

Dance Team Tech Ages 12 +
Class that focuses on Dance Team specific skills for ages 12 & older

Stretch, Strength, & Conditioning Ages 9 +

Class that focuses on stretching and strength training for ages 9 & older

Jumps, Leaps & Turns Ages 9 +

Class that focuses on  jumps, leaps and turns with a jazz base for ages 9 & older

Ballet, Prepointe & Pointe - Upon Approval 

All Ballet, Pointe & Pre Point classes are by placement. All students interested in taking classes in Ballet, Pointe of PrePointe are urged to call and arrange for a free class so that we may assist you in finding the right level of instruction for your success! 


Tumbling: As students progress in their skills, they may be asked to advance a class level **

This level and potential tuition change is optional but encouraged for your student's advancement. 

Level 5: Ages 5 and up—For the beginning tumblers working on basic skills: Bridges, Bridge walks, Cartwheels, various forward rolls (pike, fast-forward, forward roll stretches, straddle). Students CANNOT yet come up from a bridge, but will be progressing toward that.


Level 4: Ages 5 and up— Students that can go BOTH down and up in a bridge unassisted. Students are beginning to work on kick overs, front limbers, handstand forward rolls, and walkovers.


Level 3: Ages 7-10– Students have mastered both walkovers and is either close to or has already mastered front and back arabians. Students are ready to start working on front and back handsprings and aerials.


Level 2: Ages 11 and up with exceptions (see below)— Same skills as level 3. In addition to that, students may already have a back handspring or aerial. Exceptions may be made for students who are younger than 11 who have a back handspring and/or aerial already.


Level 1: Ages 8 and up— Students must have mastered side aerial, front handspring, multiple back handsprings in a row (3+), and round off back handsprings. Ready to work on different aerial progressions including front aerials and combinations that include side and front aerials. Students are ready to do variations of roundoff back handsprings and back tucks.

If you are new to Dance Vision, MindBody charges us a 20% fee on your first purchase. Please call or email Dance Vision so that we are able to help you sign up for your first class without being charged the 20% fee. 

Adult Classes

Classes Open to the Public


Adult classes through June 16th:

Adult Ballet 8:15-9:00pm on Mondays

Adult Hip Hop/Fitness 8:30-9:15 on Thursdays

Adult classes July 11th - August 18th:

Adult Hip Hop 7:45-8:30pm on Wednesdays

Adult Ballet 8:00-8:45pm on Wednesdays

Adult Jazz 7:45-8:30pm on Thursdays

Additional Classes Adults can take (students will also be in them):

Strength & Conditioning 4:00-5:00pm on Mondays

Yoga/Pilates 8:30-9:30pm on Mondays

Heels 8:30-9:30pm on Mondays

Stretch & Body Maintenance 7:45-8:45pm on Tuesdays 

Open (Musical theater, Ballroom, Modern) 7:30-8:30pm on Wednesdays

Dance Team Tech 8:00-9:00pm on Wednesdays

Audition Training 4:15-5:15pm on Thursdays


Dress Requirements


Comfortable clothing you can move in easily.


We ask you not wear your street shoes, please bring clean shoes to change into to protect our floors.



$13.00 per class

$30 for a 3 class pass

$90 for a 10 class pass

$170 for a 20 class pass


**Adult Classes are paid for in advanced through mindbodyonline.

Click "BOOK AN ADULT CLASS NOW" to attend a class!

Adult Classes

We offer a variety of adult classes throughout the year. 

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Fitness, and Ballroom


We offer Adult Hip Hop pop up classes on various Saturdays from 10-10:45 AM. Please email our adult dance coordinator, Jess Tracey, to be added to our email list for future adult class notifications. 


Adult Class Passes

1 Session $18

3 Sessions $50

10 Sessions $160

20 Sessions $300

All Access Pass $500


Click here to register:


Private lessons & Special Events or Occasions Choreography



For a couple $60 per

Group lessons 4+ people $20

 ** 1 hour increments. Tax will be charged **



Wedding Entrance      First Dance

Father Daughter          Bridesmaid

** Email to enquire about pricing **

Please email to be notified when adult classes are happening. 


Competition Teams

Pre Team

Pre Team is our competition program for dancers ages 4-6. All Pre Team dancers are required to compete at 2-3 local competitions throughout the dance year. Pre Team dancers will perform in the style of jazz, lyrical, or hip-hop. Pre Team's goal is to emphasize teamwork, confidence and performance abilities in a healthy and supportive learning environment. Pre Team is by invitation or placement only.


Competition Level

Some of our studio dancers want to do more than attending class once a week and perform in the recital. Some of our dancers want to attend competitions and conventions and have extra training and extra opportunities. This is why we created our competition level.


Competition Level students are required to:

Take a ballet technique class once per week.

Take a conditioning, strength, flexibility and overall technique class once per week. 

Attend one additional dance convention outside of the Competition Level competitions scheduled for the year.

All students who are interested and are at a point in their training, where the Competition Level is a good fit for them, are placed in groups by age and ability. The Competition Level competes at 3 - 5 local competitions per year. The Dance Vision Competition Level is by placement only.

Dance Vision Company

Some of our dancers want to live and breathe dance and do it every day! Dance Vision Company was created to provide even more opportunities for these dancers. Dance Vision Company is by invitation only.

Competition Teams
Master Classes_edited.png

Master Classes

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

One of the specialties that set Dance Vision apart from all other studios in the area is the number of guest artists we bring in to work with our students. Dance Vision is always offering master classes with incredible guest teachers and choreographers. These guest artists and choreographers spend time with Dance Vision dancers teaching, inspiring and offering guidance showing dancers a glimpse into their world. Dance Vision dancers have even gone on to work for and with some of these guest artists.


Leadership and inspiration are two fundamentals we encourage and try to instill in our dancers whether they are going on to dance professionally or just be the best they can be no matter where the path in life takes them.


Dance Vision offers master classes and intensives during the year to bring different inspiration and expose our dancers to different techniques they wouldn't normally see unless they traveled to New York or Los Angeles

Just as it is important for dancers to train at their studios, and then attend conventions where they are a small fish in an ocean of dancers, it is also important to immerse them in hours of intensive up-close and personal training. In the working dance world, it is common for dancers to work long hours learning choreography before big tours, commercials, stage performances, etc.

Dance Vision Dance Studio offers 2-4 day intensives where the students take many hours of class from several guest teachers. They always leave tired and totally inspired.

Mater Classes


Guest Artists

Brian Friedman

Liz Imperio

Gil Duldulao

Gustavo Vargas

Teddy Forance

Leo Morimune

Bonnie Story

Ade Obayomi

Alexa Anderson

Adrian Lee

Brooke Lipton

Liana Blackburn

Cris Judd

Desmond Richardson

Kevin Maher

Matt Cady

Kennis Marquis

Jessica Walker

Sky Hoffman

Matt Aylward

Meghan Sanett

Patrick Cook

Lex Ishimto

Karen Chuang

Sienna Lyons

Mia Michael

Michael Munday

Sabrina Phillip

Kurtis Sprung

Angel Mammoliti

Sean Kaminski

Judson Emery

Zack Everhart

Dean Bais

Kenji Ingus

Nick Lanzisera

John Rokita


Blaire Butler

Evan Kasprzak

Leah Joseph

Mike Wittmers

Andrew Turtletaub

Mark "Biz" Burke

Danny Wallace

Brandon Foster

Adrain Oldenburger

Cardell McManus

Tiana Brown

Brian Burt

Rustin Matthew

Donavan Helma

EJ Ferencak

Jason Croom

Ivery Wheeler

Tia Aiono

Dre Young

Jacque LeWarne

Nick Zborowski

Ryan Lohoff

Nick Drago

April Cook

Kenzie McClure

Quinton Weathers

Rob Peters

Grant Chenok

Terrance Green

Zack Benitez

Noelle Marsh

Nick Anthony

Nick DiNicolangelo

Christina Kim

Janet Langer

Laurie Johnson

Jordan Dodderer

Taeko McCarroll

Alan Sener

Kenan Peters

Jason Celaya

Chris Jones

Casey Johansen

Michelle Elkin

Jordan Jones

Jeff Amsden

Ricky Palomino

Kate Harpootlian

Theresa Stone

Jona Biddle

Brianna Latrash

Tyler McKenzie

Anthony Russo

Amy Schulke

Legacy Perez

Jennifer Mathie

Rob Cooney

Blake Angier

Shelby Steele

Brandt Martinez

Kourtni Lind

Armando Duarte

Jordan Lombardi

Jade Marks

Megan McLaughlin

Jessica Dillon

LeConte Banks

Taylor Sieve

Misha Gabriel

Whitney Bezzant

Chien-Ming Lin

Max Nguyen

Eugenia Rodriguez

Brooke Maroon

Studio Guest Artists

Dance Vision

Dream Team

If you think you can’t learn to dance jazz, hip hop, or contemporary because you have a physical disability or a wheelchair, then think again. The Dance Vision Dream Team started by Sabetha Mumm and assisted by Dance Vision dance volunteers (ages 12-18), is helping kids with mobility difficulties and learning challenges to move and live on the dance floor.


During their class time, the dancers are paired with a buddy volunteer where they learn different dances to their favorite music. Many friendships are formed during this time and everyone is so excited to see each other the following year. Each year the Dance Vision Dream Team performs at the recital in the main show to a song choice chosen by the group.



For more information about the class or to register, please email



Celebrate your child’s birthday with a dance party at Dance Vision. Enjoy using the dance studio for an hour & a half to celebrate an unforgettable birthday!


Kids will spend the first 30 minutes learning a fun dance routine taught by a Dance Vision instructor. Afterwards, enjoy opening presents, eating cake and ice-cream, and having fun with your friends all at the dance studio.


Please email to set up your party reservation today!


Up to 15 kids


Dance Vision Provides:

Studio Space


Dance Routine

You Provide:

Table settings: plates, napkins, cups, silverware.

Food: cake, ice-cream, drinks, etc.


Party Favors

Anything else that will make your party a hit!

Party Themes


Hip Hop - Princess - Frozen - Teen Beach Movie - Fiesta Fun - Broadway - 70’s Disco

Pom Pom/Cheerleader - Diva Dance

A theme designed by you and the birthday girl or boy



*Payment is due to Dance Vision at the time of booking the party.

Dream Team



We will reach out shortly!

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