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Master Classes and Intensives

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.



Leadership and inspiration are two fundamentals we encourage and try to instill in our dancers whether they are going on to dance professionally or just be the best they can be no matter where the path in life takes them.  


Dance Vision offers master classes and intensives during the year to bring different inspiration and expose our dancers to different techniques they wouldn't normally see unless they traveled to New York or Los Angeles.


Master Classes


One of the specialties that set Dance Vision apart from all other studios in the area is the number of guest artists we bring in to work with our students.  Dance Vision is always offering master classes with incredible guest teachers and choreographers.  These guest artists and choreographers spend time with Dance Vision dancers teaching, inspiring and offering guidance showing dancers a glimpse into their world.  Dance Vision dancers have even gone on to work for and with some of these guest artists.




Just as it is important for dancers to train at their studios, and then attend conventions where they are a small fish in an ocean of dancers, it is also important to immerse them in hours of intensive up-close and personal training.  In the working dance world, it is common for dancers to work long hours learning choreography before big tours, commercials, stage performances, etc.  


Dance Vision Dance Studio offers 2-4 day intensives where the students take many hours of class from several guest teachers.  They always leave tired and totally inspired.



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