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Dance Vision Dance Studio offers classes in two sessions: school and summer. The school session begins in September and ends in June with a recital at CY Stephens Auditorium in Ames. Summer session runs during the months of July and August. 





Before Attending Your First Class

Every student must have a current Waiver to Participate on file before attending their first class.  You can email, mail, drop it off at the studio, or send it with your child the first day of class. 


Without a waiver on file, your child can not participate.  

COVID-19 Waiver

Currently, due to insurance requirements, we are also requiring every student to also have a COVID-19 Waiver on file before attending classes at Dance Vision.  Once again, you can email, mail, drop it off at the studio, or send it with your child the first day of class.

Before Your 1st Dance  Class 

Dance Styles

Ballet /Pointe

Students will work towards increasing strength, mobility, flexibility, grace, the fluidity of movement and turn out (a rotation of the entire leg outwards from the hip joint giving the distinctive classical line associated with ballet and enabling the body to balance more efficiently).


Ballet classes start at the barre, which supports the balance of the body while completing combinations, then move to the center where combinations typically become more involved.   While there are several different “methods” for teaching ballet including Cecchetti, Russian Vaganova, Royal Academy of Dance, Balanchine, etc.  Dance Vision allows each instructor to teach their own method allowing for a uniquely diverse experience.


We encourage first-time students to come and take a class for free so our instructors can place you in the correct level of instruction.


Classes offered: Ballet technique and choreography, pre-pointe, pointe.

Contemporary / Lyrical / Modern

Contemporary is a fusion of modern and lyrical style dancing.


Modern dance is a form developed in the early 20th century more commonly known as free dance.  Based on theories of human movement and expressionism, modern dance technique is taught depending on the founder of its movements. 


Lyrical was originally a fusion of ballet and jazz that used softer movements to soft music.


At Dance Vision, our instructors currently use vocabulary and movements from some of the modern techniques like Graham, Limon, Cunningham, and Horton while incorporating their own developing styles. 


Jazz classes focus on teaching body isolations of the head, shoulders, ribcage, hips, feet, and arms and will layer jazz style over the traditional technique of ballet.  Emphasis is placed on mastering technique while developing rhythmic awareness, an extensive vocabulary and individual expression. All classes will start with a warm-up to exercise and tone every part of your body, with more detailed exercises, combinations or routines to follow. 


Jazz dancing has evolved into many different distinct styles and has different methods as well; African, Broadway, Pop, Street, Thrash, Fosse, Robbins, Fusion, Contemporary, Jazz Funk, LA Jazz, Latin, Giordano and more.  At Dance Vision, we teach mostly Giordano technique but individual instructors teach their own methods and styles as well.

Hip Hop

Hip hop uses a variety of moves and styles to the latest music and beats. Hip Hop is typically very physical, blending a jazz based warm up with routines and combinations which can include locking, popping, street style, funk, Crump, pop and each instructor's individual style.

We offer a variety of class opportunities:

  • All boys hip hop

  • Mixed hip hop


Tap dance uses shoes that have metal taps attached to the toes and the heels to create percussive sounds and even or syncopated rhythms. Classes focus on mastering all the basic steps and vocabulary first and then progressing to more complicated combinations and routines.


Dance Vision teaches 2 distinctly different styles:


  • Hoofing, where the dancers typically dance only with their legs, making a louder, more grounded sound.


  • Classical, a ballroom look to tap dancing using lighter sounds and choreographed body and arm placements. 


Instructors are allowed to teach either style or a combination of both.

Dance Classes
Ages 12 Months - 7 Years

Dance Vision offers a variety of dedicated classes for children ranging from 12 months - 7 years old:  


  • Mommy & Me - ballet and basic movement class for 12-24-month-olds with a parent.

  • Tinydance - ballet and basic movement class for 2-year-olds.

  • Weedance - ballet and basic movement class for 3-year-olds.

  • Predance – ballet and tap class for 4-year-olds.

  • Kinderdance – ballet and tap class for 5-year-olds.

  • Kindergroove – jazz and hip hop class for 5-year-olds.


  • Combo 6-7 – ballet, jazz and tap class for 6 & 7-year-olds.

Additional Classes


Dance Vision Dance Studio is always seeking to offer a wide variety of classes and opportunities for students.  While the classes and descriptions above are the core classes, Dance Vision Dance Studio offers other classes in its schedule.  If you have any questions about the other classes or what they are about please contact us by email or call (515) 270-8299.

Requirements and Policies


Requirements and policies for classes at Dance Vision Studio:

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